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Brain–computer interface using water-based electrodes

Дата: Ноябрь 3rd, 2010 Автор:
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  • Тип контента: Научная статья
  • Номер документа: 6264
  • Название документа: Brain–computer interface using water-based electrodes
  • Номер (DOI, IBSN, Патент): 10.1088/1741-2560/7/6/066007
  • Изобретатель/автор: Ivan Volosyak, Diana Valbuena, Tatsiana Malechka, Jan Peuscher, Axel Gr¨aser
  • Правопреемник/учебное заведение: Institute of Automation, University of Bremen,, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Bessel Institute
  • Дата публикации документа: 2010-11-03
  • Страна опубликовавшая документ: Германия
  • Язык документа: Английский
  • Наименование изделия: Не заполнено
  • Вложения: Да
  • Аналитик: Глаголева Елена

Current brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) that make use of EEG acquisition techniques require unpleasant electrode gel causing skin abrasion during the stan-dard preparation procedure. Electrodes that require tap water instead of electrolytic electrode gel would make both daily setup and clean up much faster, easier and comfortable. This paper presents the results from ten subjects that controlled an SSVEP-based BCI speller system using two EEG sensor modalities: water-based and gel-based surface electrodes. Subjects performed in copy spelling mode using conventional gel-based electrodes and water-based electrodes with a mean information transfer rate (ITR) of 29.68 ± 14.088 bit min−1 and of 26.56 ± 9.224 bit min−1, respectively. A paired t-test failed to reveal significant dif-ferences in the information transfer rates and accuracies of using gel- or water-based electrodes for EEG acquisition. This promising result confirms the operational readiness of water-based electrodes for BCI


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